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January 11 8:24 am
Got a call about 10 minutes ago. A guy with an Indian accent. Same thing as above - he was calling from Microsoft and there are error messages from my computer that is affecting their computer.I continued to say that I do not have a computer, just to see what he said. He then gave me my home address! :-(I again told him I did not have a computer and he hung up on me. Im getting very annoyed with these calls. I know they are all scams - but why cant something be done about this?

January 11 9:29 am
We were so frustrated with so many anonymous and telemarketing phone calls that we resorted to turning off the ringer on our phone. However, we could hear a call come in by the clicking of our answering machine. We are listed on both the Federal and State Do Not Call Lists but that seems to have done little good, if any, to discourage these annoying telemarketers. As we did not have caller ID we have since switched to Comcast Voice Mail and threw out the old answering machine. Its been great! I never leave the phone ringer on and just check to see what calls have come in and right away this 201-373-8327 has appeared almost every day in just the two weeks we have had this service. They never leave a message and we wonder why they even bother to continue calling. It will be interesting to see how long it continues. They are not the only anonymous calls we have received. It really is getting completely out of hand and very annoying to anyone who has a phone to be harrassed by these unsolicted calls. They are wasting there time calling here as they will never get anyone to answer this phone.

January 11 5:01 am
I recieved a generic, but stupid text message as follows: feel like chatting baby? Im feeling lonely today.

January 11 7:09 pm
WCA advertisement something about credit repair

January 11 5:45 pm
Showed up on "recents" on my iPhone without any caller ID info. Tried calling it back and request who/what company was calling. No answer. ALL of my phone numbers are (and have been registered on the "Do Not Call List."The only company I received phone calls from (all over the US) is Sallie Mae--often without caller ID. They call on Sundays, as early as 7:10 a.m. and after 10 p.m. This violates federal guidelines. What amazes me is that the account is current. This is viewed by me to be not only harassment, but also illegal.

January 11 11:11 pm
called at 9:52 a.m. while I was outside, left a garbled message something like " the answering machine *sigh*"  I did not call back.

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