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Latest Comments for 815-378

July 30 8:59 am
Scam call saying this is the final phone call -- the IRS is filing lawsuit against you saying call this number 206-866-5664. when I called it a man answered Hello, then said IRS how can I help you. I hung up and received a call back which I did not answer...comes up with a name of someone... am filing with FCC

July 30 4:31 am
we used to have a nice little company then they got there hands in us and put us out of business

July 30 12:38 am
They call every single day between 8:30 and 9:00pm. The caller ID says DirecTV but I contacted them and they say it isn't their number. Dratted spammers!!!

July 30 10:20 am
they have been calling me daily also :P

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