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Latest Comments for 815-515

September 10 3:39 pm
verizon is my carrier and i just started getting these calls...annoying to say the least.

September 10 8:08 am
One text using my first name telling me to go to

September 10 4:44 pm
THtey call and call and call.... they could at least breath heavy or something!

September 10 1:14 pm
NCS or NCN, When I answered, an "investigator Bradshaw" came on the phone asking for my name and social, I didn't want to confirm anything over the phone so I humored them and gave them my last four ( I figure they can get this from the internet).  Anyway, when she "confirmed" it was me, I told her give me your company name and she said NCS or NCN and identified her company as a "legal" and that she had a pending legal action against me, blah, blah...

September 10 2:55 pm
Called num. Just a busy signal

September 10 8:46 pm
I will joing that suit. I am sick of these people. I have asked them to take me off their call list and they continue to call.

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