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Latest Comments for 817-399

June 20 4:40 am
All my numbers are on do not call lists at state and federal level. This may reduce calls but it does not stop them.

June 20 3:28 am
East Indian lady said she was from Windows Live Support asking if my computer was connected to a router. She said my computer was in grave danger of a virus

June 20 10:51 pm
Got the same story as a lot of people.  Really set me off thinking I was about to be sued.  Almost gave in but did a bit of research and postponed everything but "working with them to resolve the issue".  I got home from work (where they were also calling me) and contacted my local police department where I filed a harassment complaint.  Also followed up with the  Federal Trade Commission (which deals with consumer fraud and identity theft) at 877-438-4338 and will follow up tomorrow with the California Attorney General at 800-952-5225. These people pissed me off and I really want to see them caught!

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