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Latest Comments for 817-545

January 21 12:34 pm
I have been on the do not call list for two years and still receive calls. It doesnt matter if you put yourself on there, places use number generators.

January 25 7:55 pm
Got a call just now. I have Verizon.

January 8 11:58 am
Got a call. Caller ID said MSR research 402 452 3144. No one there. MSR company web site says "not them - fraud". Minutes later got a call form 253 382 9994. Claimed to be from Google and sd could get my company (I have no company) listed on the top of Google search screen. I punched "1" until I got a human. Man confirmed he worked for Google. I called him a fraud and hung up. Almost immediately got a call from "Private". Wasn't able to get to the phone fast enough. Suspect he called back because he didn't like my characterization of him.

January 20 10:54 am
Illegal Homeowner scam telemarketer, but of the Hitler-Bush Administration of CORPmerica.  Autodialer woke me up at 11:30am NO OPTION TO BE PUT ON THE DO NOT CALL LIST.  I am going to start harrassing the f****ead polictians, tell them to enforce the existing laws.  The only thing I could do is press 1 or it would hang up.

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