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Latest Comments for 817-614

January 11 6:53 pm
Same crap happened to me.Some kind of telemarketing companycalls you to your dead to sell you products

January 24 8:01 am
Notice how the message above is the first post for this number. Now 800 notes is a site to complain about telemarketers, unknown numbers, scammers & foreign criminals. So why would this "happy customer" search that number (after the fact)? Searching that number would also NOT bring you to 800 notes, as there would be no postings for that number. This is what makes "spot the shill" so easy. No one, I mean no one, searches for a phone number when they are satisfied with the result. Would you search a repair companies phone number AFTER you had the windows fixed, & had no complaints?

January 10 6:28 am
I received a message on June 16th at 5:31am saying "hey what's up?"

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