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January 9 6:57 am
Received a call on May 2, 3, 5, 6. On May 5th I picked up. The girl scrambled for a name asked for someone who wasnt me, I informed them they had the wrong number and she hung up on me. They never leave a voicemail.

January 7 11:12 am
I am being harassed by phone calls from this number daily starting at 8 AM. I receive this call at least 3-4 times d day. I believe it is CBE Group that keeps calling. I do not owe any bills to Verizon for a cell phone. I have told them repeatedly but they keep calling. I am 74 years old and just out of the hospital after 3 months. I had openheart surgery, 3 bypasses and a valve replacement. 3 days later i coded and died and they brought me back to life. I was on life support systems and a few days after I coded I had a stroke leaving me unable to speak, move, etc. A few days after that I went into atrial fibrilation and they again operated on me and put in a pacemaker. Then I had double pneumonia, internal bleeding in my stomach, copd, and the list goes on. I was released after 3 months and am currently recuperating, having physical therapy, occupational therapy in order to be able to do some things for myself. I have been told I will never be the same by all my doctors. Being harassed by this company, being awoken every day at a few minutes after 8 and several times during the day is very upsetting and I would like these phone calls to stop. I am presently on Florida Medicaid and just about able to pay my current bills. I would very much appreciate it if these calls stopped. Anything that can be done to stop this harassment would be greatly appreciated.

January 13 8:16 pm
Got the call on my cell phone. Did not answer in time. They left no message.

January 26 8:02 pm
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January 6 11:50 am
he asked me if i was sexually frustrated with him... he sent me pictures of a girls cleavage and a butt. i dont know who he is and i think its really creepy.

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