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July 26 6:41 pm
A lot of people have been getting SPAM calls from this number. BUT they are not all to be ignored!If you have a friend or relative traveling overseas, who is calling you via Skype, THIS IS A VALID SKYPE NUMBER and it will show up on your caller ID. My brother is currently traveling in India and other parts of Asia, and anytime he calls my cell phone via Skype, this is always the number that shows up on my caller ID. The bigger problem right now is this Shaggy, Michael person thats been replying to many of the posts on this thread.Here is one of your scammers and if any post on this page needed to be voted DOWN, it would be his/hers! While youre at it, click the report (!) symbol in the bottom right corner and report these posts to the page moderator!Meantime, NEVER ever give out any personal info to anyone calling you from an unknown number - even if they claim to be working for a legit company- until you can verify it. Thanks for helping to keep this site free from SPAM posts!Cheers.

July 26 6:21 am
Got a call from this number, they asked for a certain person, when told they were not in, asked if I were a co-sponser I then ask what was/is a co-sponser they immediately hung up. Very Rude!

July 26 8:49 am
I was just trying to find out hoo it is at this number 1-866-379-2003 if you call back you get a dial tone and if you call the phone people thay say nothing and if you pickup thay hang up.. do you coraspond with anyone or have in the past like Jean casarez on facebook or Dr lillian glass or anyone at all from Hln thay where doing this before thats why i ask .

July 26 6:05 pm
What do you mean by follow through? I have given all of the information required by some spam callers to the do not call website (Ive been on that list for years), and there has been absolutely no follow up from them. None!

July 26 5:49 am
They asked for a donation for Firefighters.  I told them no and not to call here anymore...... he answered "F.......K YOU" and he hung up.

July 26 10:01 am
dang, they called 2 times yesterday on my fax machine and again at noon today. Gees, I'm the only one here and I DO NOT have any auto loan.

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