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Latest Comments for 818-446

February 16 7:40 pm
My daughter was deployed to an Army base in South Korea. When she called me this phone number popped up. Im not sure if its how an international call gets routed or military communications. Either way it wasnt anything ominous... this time.

February 16 11:19 pm
Some guy who called, had my name, then he asks my address, I asked who was calling, I didnt recognize the name and he refused to tell me what he wanted or what company he was calling from, so I ended the call. If this was a.legitimate call and not a scam, they would have identified themselves and the nature of the call.

February 16 10:14 am
Stan, that could mean only ONE thing. Your phone company sold your phone number!

February 16 2:20 pm
3rd call since last week just now. I did not answer. No message left by them. I hate spam...

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