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December 24 2:45 am
A, drew is messing with the money situation by not fixing my two Scooter in ever. He wont answer my calls or texts. Can you blow him up and let him kno i need my Scooters cuz its been almost a year & i cant survive Without advertising! Please.

December 4 12:39 pm
The woman on the line had my name, and said she was calling from a company name I didnt catch (something with Air in the name) and they needed to schedule my carbon monoxide security check. I hung up.

December 4 2:20 am
Forward the text to 7726 (short code for SPAM) to your cell provider, who will investigate and block.

December 4 6:07 pm
Someone messaged me from the number wanting to buy a android phone from me. Asked where they was from no reply. Its a scam.

December 4 12:55 am
I have had 3 calls this week. No messages were left and when trying to return the call I was unable to do so. Yesterday I did answer out of curiosity. I am not sure what agency it was from as the caller was speaking so fast...but he did say I had been chosen for free money. He wanted to confirm my discover and or visa card. I told him I was not interested and to please take my number off their listing. He replied back with, everyone is interested in free money and then I hung up. Be very careful...this is dfefinately a scam.

December 4 9:09 pm
Scam operation. They call to tell you that theyve gotten a report that your Microsoft PC is running slow.As a Network Engineer -- I know if my computers are acting up...and in no way does any one of mine, our yours, report themselves and trigger a call.They will want you to go to their website, download and install a piece of software that allows them access to your PC so they can fix it. In reality, youve just allowed them remote access into your computer at any time and they can collect any kind of data they want.Report them to the Federal Trade Commission.

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