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Latest Comments for 828-278

December 4 8:16 pm
was sleeping, couldn't pick voicemail leftchecked the number out, couldn't find much, thought i'd leave a comment

December 4 12:35 am
Said something in Spanish from a prerecorded message.

December 4 12:33 pm
got a call from this number claiming he was from Windows and that my computer was corrupted, and that he could help me fix it. I asked him where he was calling from and he said the UK....I live in Canada. Scary part was he knew my address, postal code and all! I told him basically that I didn't believe him and aftering going back and forth about the fact that I thought he was a fraud, he hung up on me.

December 4 12:03 am
I was paying the cell phone bill when I noticed an unknown number. Also video and picture messaging at this number as well. The address is This lady pursued many men I see. She is a w***e! It's a shame when women can't get their own men and have to stoop so low and pick up guys that have someone in their lives already.

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