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Latest Comments for 828-334

January 1 1:46 am
could be:www.research-house.ca1-800-701-3137

January 13 5:30 am
Because TMobile offers a deaf only plan which is technically just an unlimited data/text plan. Problem is, theres no voice plan with that plan and thusly a phone that is on such a plan cannot make outgoing calls (except 911 I assume) including to their own voice mail.Which is pointless anyways because a deaf person cannot listen to a voice mail (duh) and cannot follow the prompts to delete such a voice mail (duh again) so the phone keeps reminding the person to listen to the voice mail on a phone that cannot call voice mail by a person who cannot hear the voice mail.Get it?

January 27 10:00 pm
security system sales scamscam

January 22 7:11 am
Someone wanting to give away / SELL a so called free home alarm for putting a sign in your front yard.

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