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Latest Comments for 830-742

2016-03-17 19:32:12
I just got a text from this number spamming about a new IPhone 5 beta test.

2016-03-17 20:50:38
Yes, we\'ve been recieving calls from this number as well.. 201 201 1170. They say they are caslling from a company and want to know how the product has been working. We have told them each time they have the wrong number. My mother has even let them know if they called one more time we would be reporting them.

2016-03-17 21:02:03
Automated marketing did not answer. I will never answer so stop calling.

2016-03-17 10:36:39
I get calls from this number all the time never any one there when I call back it is always bussy?

2016-03-17 22:36:26
It takes a recording of our voice saying hello a few times. Its taking a voice sample.

2016-03-17 16:38:27
A company Iprox from 458-201-2052 called cuz I was eligible for a $100 WalMart card because I had shopped there or bought something or answered a survey or responded to a warranty. The caller, whose accent made him almost unintelligible, said he couldnt nail down anything more definite than this. Then he told me I could get the $100 card and some other stuff if I paid $4.95 for the shipping! I told him it was not ethical to tell someone they had won something and ask them to pay to ship the gift card. I am positive that Wal Mart - their alleged partner- does not do business this way. I then asked which country he was calling from and he said Southern California, and then he said Sacramento, California (hello, thats nothern CA) and then he wanted to get right back to his robotic script. I asked to speak to a supervisor and did get someone else on the line, but he only wanted to repeat the script again. He refused to answer my questions and asked if I wanted to be placed on the Do Not Call list. I said I wanted my questions answered about the legitimacy of the company and the offering, but he hung up. No one would say how they obtained my private cell phone number. Do not give these people one penny!

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