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January 11 9:23 pm
Got a call from a man with an Indian accent telling me that my Windows account wasnt installed correctly. I asked him how he would even know what was on my computer and he started asking me for 10 minutes of my time and personal information. Im usually a very nice person and this man was obviously getting frustrated at me when I kept asking questions and kept asking me to stay on. I got mad and said sorry, cant help you, and hung up. Sounds like a scam and Im not falling for it.

January 11 7:51 pm
HEB Pharmacy, San Antonio area code.

January 11 9:48 pm
When I answered my cell it was an automated message saying to 'cardholder services is making this final attempt (this is the ONLY time i have got a call from this area code) to reduce your interest rates to 6.9%. Press one to speak to a customer service rep." So I do & ask the rep - who did NOT IDENTIFY herself or company - 'what credit card are you calling about?' She said, 'may i talk about how i can lower your interest rates?' I told her, yes once you identify yourself & company & she hung up. I use an android free app called CALL CONTROL and that number was immediately blocked and reported to the community on the app.

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