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Latest Comments for 832-498

January 11 3:03 am
What planet are you living on,,, there is NO such #.

January 11 4:56 pm
Recorded message about mortgage rates

January 11 9:16 am
u dont have health insurance

January 11 5:38 am
There is nothing to panic about. Debt collection agencies will often attempt to contact people from public directories and databases in hopes of fluking contact with a related party to the debtor who is prepared to divulge useful contact information. These agencies will utilise more than simply the white pages, but also records relating to credit and loan applications such as the Veda database which also records when a person enters a plan for any type of service eg mobile telephone, internet etc. (note: not all such providers divulge this information). Your personal details will generally be accessible if you have ever applied for a credit card or loan. Having said that you are under no obligation to provide anyone with any details over the phone, even if you are the person they are looking for, and ought simply hang up (or, if you have the time, take them for a ride as it can be quite amusing).

January 11 10:04 pm
caller from Modesto CA. couldn't understand them.

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