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Latest Comments for 843-289

January 16 12:54 pm
This just happened to me 10 mins ago. From what I can hear from the background, it sounded like 2 guys trying to have some fun by being Racist and trying to scam the [***] out of me. I didnt notice at first until they started to ask me series of questions about what was my name, if I wanted these WINNING tickets, and which they claim that I know them and that I have called them first. Being smart of me, I kept quiet for the most part. I hope these guys get punished for their action!

January 18 5:31 pm
Fortunately, I work for Federal Communications Commission and have routed the number, contact information (person/company that registered the number) to authorities here for follow-up.

January 24 6:39 pm
If they are a legit operation they should advertise via legitimate means - get a web site, classifieds, etc,. Not by telemarketing - calling people and interrupting what they are doing with something they couldnt be less interested in. And yes. They called me while I was very busy. Everything came to a screeching halt and I lost my train of thought. I run a business and do not cold call people at home to promote it. Were it up to me telemarketing would be outlawed. Period. Not for any reason be it commercial or charity.

January 20 8:40 pm
Call came in 4:20 AM. 11/8/12. No message, just beeping sounds. Extremely annoying

January 7 10:25 am
Wanted me to go to web site & look at profile pic canuck79 ?

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