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Latest Comments for 843-308

January 11 4:16 am
These guys are FRUDS and have hassled me for YEARS!

January 11 9:46 am
Call received in UK from this number prefixed with 001 (International USA code) with same dialogue as other reports here.Engaged Indian caller in initial banal conversation and informed him he and his like are a public nuisance.He talked over me with the insulting remark repeated You Britishers are stupid.Thanks very much mate.These calls come in regularly in UK at lunchtime,often 2 or 3 a day.

January 11 3:55 am
Got a text. Came in as a media message but was just text. It said "-Hey"... got another from 630-501-5926 about an hour later with the exact same message. Don't know either number

January 11 7:42 am
someone called and asked for me... then said hold... i have someone that needs to talk to you... I held... but after about 20 seconds I just hung up...

January 11 12:46 am
Credit Card Services Scam

January 11 2:34 am
called my home, my 8 yr old sold answered, caller asked if I was home and my son said what ? the caller told my son to open his damn ears! my son then hung up.

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