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Latest Comments for 843-795

September 10 7:49 pm
Just got call from this number but no one had my phone number

September 10 3:58 am
Part of a fraud campaign targeting numerous financial institutions. Note the pattern of shill postings all claiming the number is real - an obvious giveaway.The large number of phony posts claiming the call is real come from some con artists spamming the site to try to fool people. There is a similar pattern to other fake calls claiming to be from Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, US Bank, Wells Fargo, RBC, PayPal, etc. all with the same shill postings:

September 10 9:48 am
Two calls, asked that I give them a call back, they never said their name nor were they were calling from.

September 10 3:04 am
Car buying for, $375.00 for junk

September 10 5:35 am
hmmmmmmmmm This number is calling me too.  Says his name is "Brian Culpepper"  Have you talked to him?  WHO and WHAT is he?  STRANGE?!

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