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January 11 5:32 am
you werent paid because your work sucks and it cost the company more money to fix your mess than you were owed in the first place.

January 11 8:02 pm
This is a scam by the phone companies. To begin with, who in their right mind would do business with someone, out of the blue, calls you up and offers you a pie in the sky deal. I searched a number down and behold, it was (such & such) DBA Verizon wireless. Got Verizon on the phone and directed them to the website, Verizon adamantly denied any association with that company and sent a letter to my company denying any involvement with that company. But its plain as the nose on your face, the phone companies generate income by selling air time and eating up yours with worthless calls. I wish the NSA would disclose who these worthless SOBs are I would personally pay them a nice little visit a shove their goddamn phone up their [***] and then down their throat. In that order. What a useless bunch of idiots we have passing laws, this is by all means harassment, but that doesnt matter. I guess Ill get a visit from DHS for threating to shove a phone up someones [***].

January 11 2:39 am
Sorry, but the does NOT work. I am on the do not call list and we get calls from FOP, carribean cruise, 000-00-0, and so on.

January 11 12:44 pm
tries to buy items on craigslist and pay u with western union.

January 11 9:55 pm
Yes I recieved a text. It stated, "U got alot of eyes watch". I do not know this number I want it investigated for harrassment. PLEASE

January 11 9:04 am
They call me 14 feb. 2012 at 11h39. Canada, Quebec

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