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January 6 1:14 pm
first of all. feds dont have to call your number to put on a wire tap. the feds listen to every cell phone call there is. freedom baby its called the Patriot Act.. the all zeros coming up on the phone is a cheap bill collector or somebody selling something. so as long as youre not a meth cook or pedophile dont worry about it

January 7 1:10 pm
Seems to me the phony group Brown and Goldstein realizes they cant get any money out of you, so they are trying to get money out of you by transferring your case to another scammer. Which is what these phony process servers are. Real legitimate process servers do not contact you in advance and tell you when they are coming. The people who call you and say they are gong to serve you on such an such a day or at a place, are basically trying to scare you into paying them something. 1. Remember, if someone has a valid debt against you they must send you a a debt validation letter by US mail. E-mail no good. Dont give anyone one dime in the absence of a proper debt validation letter. No letter, then simply block their calls and ignore them. 2. Never pay anyone you do not personally know, any money by any sort of transfer that might be untraceable. 3. Based on everything youve written, you are the victim of a persistent scam attempt.Ive noticed over the years, that a lot of these scammers tend to pick on women, single mothers and the elderly. These people seem to feel you are vulnerable for some reason so its important that you cease communications with these people. All the flashing red lights are there indicating a debt scamming operation.

January 11 4:14 pm
yep, same call same set thee 3648 was the call back number, came in on all zeros

January 21 10:19 am
I have received both the person of interest and the social security scam calls from this number: 213-261-0113.  The recordings asked me to call 800-801-9141.  How can these people continue to operate when they are using the telephone network to commit fraud?

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