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February 16 7:07 pm
Same Craigslist scammer. He also wants me to ship my laptop to Africa for his brothers business trip. Offered to pay up front,$100 over my asking price (to cover shipping) sight unseen, only via PayPal. Plenty of PayPal based scams out there.

February 16 11:39 pm
Maritza: This just happened to my mother, fortunatelly I was home in a vacation day. It was very rare bc my husband is like your mother very punctual with the bills specially FPL. The same guy Emilio Gonzalez and the rest of the history. Pero que descarados!!!!!, I just can't stand this. I called the FPL and reported and also I am writing an email. I was told that the appropriate department will contact me. I believe that we shoud submit a groupal complaint in favor of the elderly that may be scamed with this type of call. Thank you everybody to post  your experiences because definitely they helped me out today.

February 16 10:03 pm
A company offering funding. I didn't catch the name. They called me today, for the third time in the last two weeks although I've already said 'No thank you.' This time when they called, I just said that I wasn't here when they asked for me. The guy just hesitated when I offered to take a message. ...

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