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January 18 6:43 am
Called while no one was home, so dont know if they called our regular line or our private, unlisted business line. Got an earlier call while still home on the business line today from Wireless Caller at 803-239-7330 (Credit Card Phishing SCAM hawking free Bahama cruises) so dont know if these two are coming from the same SCAM source.Anyone who calls with VOIP CALLER whom is NOT someone we know is a SCAM as far as were concerned. LEGIT companies DO NOT DO THAT. They are likely using the survey ruse as a way to disarm those they call into thinking its a legal, legit call, which, it most likely IS NOT. LIKELY a SCAM to collect PERSONAL INFORMATION on people.Its been pretty quiet as far as these calls over the last few weeks, but today seemed to start up again in earnest. Have a Craigs List ad with my business phone running, but number is hidden within the ad, so as to cut down on spam.Will report this one, as I do all of them

January 3 9:55 pm
Block them by using these codes( 000 000-0001) (100-000-0) (000 000-0)the one that end in number 1 is good also for Unavailable 1 and private 1 when come up on your caller ID but use all three and never worry about them anymore.

January 20 5:29 pm
Ha-ha. Now you know the downside of a full-time cell phone with or without texting. Yes I have a cell phone but texting is blocked. It is only on when I am out.Understand this --> Its a PHONE!If you are absolutely, positively scared of missing a call or text, then you are addicted! Get help!These are not calls from your carrier...unless you use some schlock carrier who probably supports telemarketers. Any big carrier, Verizon, AT&T, etc, is making truck loads of money from cell phone with the scammers calling your precious cell phone.

January 2 7:17 pm
BEWARE looked it up. takes you to

January 22 12:18 pm
Yeah, its cap 1 they are harassing everyone now. I have gotten upto 15 calls a day Sunday through saturday!!! All that from them for missing ONE payment!!! Calls start at 8am est and end at 9pm!!

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