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March 17 9:50 am
A POSSIBLE CAUSE FOR CONCERN FOR PAYING SKYPE USERS?I received a call at about the same time. I believe its quite possible that someone stole registered Skype members other phone numbers and has sold that info to illegitimate telemarketers (those willing to risk breaking the FCCs harsh but ineffective No Contact regulations). The way to see if it really was a Skype data breach is to check if any registered Skype users who DIDNT register a cell or home phone are getting these calls. If not then its pretty much confirmed someone stole data from Skype/Microsoft. Whoever did is probably very rich now, but the fact that they were able to hack into Skype/Microsoft (if they indeed did, and it sure looks like it from the comments here) is a little scary, especially since CREDIT CART INFO IS ON THE EXACT SAME HTML PAGE AS THE POSSIBLY LEAKED PHONE NUMBERS. Now thats REALLY scary!.

March 17 5:25 pm
Calling around noon every couple of days on my cell. Call is coming from San Marcos, CA. Line went dead when I answered once which means its a bot call testing when you will answer so they can schedule a real person to call and bother you. Block it if you can on your phone.

March 17 5:33 pm
Same exact thing here and I tell them the exact same thing.they call every day.

March 17 1:32 am
This is a church calling to solicit members.

March 17 7:03 am
Fred he just keep calling and hanging up

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