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Latest Comments for 860-359

January 19 11:20 pm
How can how can you be sure its connected to spyware and how can you find out whos behind the spyware

January 22 4:05 pm
I received a call from this number at 6.15 p.m. today. As I get loads of unsolicited calls, I always wait for the caller to speak first. Nobody spoke and the line went dead after about ten seconds.

January 4 12:41 pm
Asshole who likes to spam text.

January 7 4:35 pm
Receiving harassing text messages and now phone calls from this individual.

January 2 7:47 am
I just received a call today from Ronald Smith with US Customs says he's working on a narcotics investigation that I'm involved with HA!! Several months ago I also got calls very similar stating that I needed to wire $2,500 immediately or I would be arrested. I had a man answer the next call from the so called customs agent and when he started asking the so called agent questions, the agent became belligerent and told my friend to f__k off. Now would a real customs agent say something like that, I think not. So I just quit answering the calls and finally he gave up. The number they are calling me from now is 209-846-1243.

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