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Latest Comments for 860-373

2016-02-16 00:46:11
Got 3 calls yesterday and 1 today, so I just called them and asked why they were calling and the man I spoke to said he had no idea why anyone from that number would be calling me other than to possibly be checking up on the service.

2016-02-16 18:41:17
It is a number from a jail. They have to call collect.

2016-02-16 22:56:07
Stan, that could mean only ONE thing. Your phone company sold your phone number!

2016-02-16 03:17:05
Keeps calling but never leaves a msg. It is the PC Part, and I have also told them to stop calling. They can not get $ from one of Canadas unemployed!! (no pogie either) On the DNC list, but they Do Not Listen (DNL).

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