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Latest Comments for 864-324

January 27 2:27 pm
they called my mothers house phone. i never lived there. they are idiots

January 9 2:48 am
It is the AJC, I had a subscription a few months ago and canceled it due to me not actually reading the paper. Now these calls are coming sometimes 6 times a day but at least once every day. One time I answered it and let the caller go through his little spill and I politely told him no thank you I didnt want to re-subscribe and didnt have the money to do so. He kept going on and on about what a great deal it was. NO means NO. He just kept going on and on. The calls stoped after that for about a week, now they are starting back again. I am on the phone right now with AJC to try to get them to stop but I have been on hold for a very long time. Oh, and also, I just started receiving mail at home about that same thing. So irritating.

January 1 1:13 am
This call came into our Kansas City, MO office at 4:03 pm today (02/08/2010).  We've gotten a call from this scam organization before.  A guy with a thick accent calls from "the Chamber of Commerece" (no city name given such as "the Kansas City Chamber of Commerece...This should be a big tip-off that it's not legit)...Wants to confirm our company's address.  I refused to confirm any info and istead said that we would contact him at a later time.  He gave the following contact info: Patrick at 816-536-4202.  While the area code "816" is indeed for our area, the number appears to be either an unlisted cell phone number or non-exsistant number.  I didn't call it back to see what would happen.

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