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Latest Comments for 864-426

January 23 4:33 am
If this is your friend - please tell her to stop cold calling businesses.Shes just another reason why telemarketers are pond scum...Leave us alone and let us run our businesses!!!

January 19 8:35 am
An Hispanic woman reportedly from Sacramento, California working for a company named IPROX PREMIUM REWARDS called me offering me $100.00 gift cards that could be used at Walmart or Target in exchange for my debit card number. They were of course using a spoofed phone number, as the number came up on my caller I.D. as (207) 406-5316.This is truly NOTHING SHORT OF ATTEMPTED ROBBERY.These people DESPERATELY need to be found, raided, shutdown, fined AND imprisoned! If I was close enough, Id raid them myself.

January 11 1:31 am
Thank you for the information. I got the same letter and began to do some research online since it smelled like a dead rat. I found your posting which has saved me a headache and I really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch!

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