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January 12 7:34 pm
My son and I both have received--texts from this Number--I GOOGLED Number--it says Location is in Austin, TX. Text says--Your Netspend Account has been Frozen and it gives first 4 numbers ofAn Account. Neither one of Us--have Netspend Card. This is someone trying to Get Personal Information and Credit Card Numbers so they can Use it. Iam going to notify my cell-phone carrier and see if something might be done. Also this happened on Sundayafternnoon when Iam home trying to Rest. The Nerve of these--CROOKS!

January 15 1:02 pm
I get phone calls all day long... maybe 12 - 16. They are bogus numbers, probably computer generated, to a voice the do not call registry. I can block 20 of them on my phone at home and 20 on the time warner sight. And yet they keep calling and they keep changing their phone numbers. I am so frustrated. These marketers truly invade my privacy. Rarely if I hang on does anyone answer. I think they are just trying to determine if my phone is valid. Even if my voice mail goes on, or even if I pick it up and hang up, the calls keep coming. I have contacted TimeWarner which is my phone company but am getting no where fast. I wrote to one of my representatives, but have yet to hear back. I plan to write to others. I could change my phone number or make it private, but I dont think that will stop these places from getting thru to me eventually and meanwhile it would be such a pain to change my number. I try never to give out my cell phone number, and I am not too bothered there; yet, I do get an occasional solicitation call, but usually the message gives me the option of opting out. Not so with all the calls I get on my home phone. Im afraid to get rid of my landline for that reason.. Id get tons of bogus calls on my cell phone which I would end up paying for.

January 18 10:00 am
Same here, got bogus text about USBank. Thanks for blocking this crap, verizon.

January 14 10:29 am
They keep textin me askin me where i live. Saying they gay an all kinds stupid mess. Somebody crazy!!!

January 11 8:10 am
Its a SPAM call telling you that you have won something.

January 25 8:18 pm
Calls everyday in the late afternoon.  They never respond.  It is probably automatic dialing.  It is from CALPAL.  Which is the California Police Activities League.  We gave to them last year, but they do nothing to help kids in our area, so I do not want to help them again.  I am sure that others have made the same mistake.  If I make a donation I would like to know it is going to help people in my area.  I am sure they are not upfront about that.

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