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Latest Comments for 903-537

January 9 5:09 pm
Stop the calls by requesting it at 888-556-7682.

January 26 12:15 am
just deliverd a washer to this mans house

January 1 8:36 pm
I receive calls from Nations Group daily for over 3 years now asking for someone who is not me!!!.   They call asking for someone else.  "This call is for so and so.  If this is so and so", please press 1.  If this is not, press 2.  They will not respond to request to take my number off the list.  When I call them back, they mock you, laugh at you, and hang up on you.  THey will not give you their names or the state where they are located.  I have reported them to the FCC and they said to file official complaints with the Federal Trade Commision, my State's Atty. General, & my phone companies annoyance division.   I did that and will follow through with official complaints if they call me again.   They are a Debt agency and if they call more than once a day.  They are in violation of the Fair Debt Relations Act.    

January 3 8:25 am
Every day I get a call at my home, my cell, or both from Rachel of Card Member Services. I have always pressed the number recommended to end future call, yet I continue to receive them.

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