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Latest Comments for 903-628

2016-06-20 13:56:23
arent political surveys exempt from the do not call list?

2016-06-20 04:56:46
Received a call on my cell. No other info.

2016-06-20 20:52:11
I have also recieved calls from this #623-207-4004. Like you I am unable to find Glendale Industries as a listing. The arae code would cover Glendale, AZ. Them calling me, chance are pretty darn good that I owe them $$. If not a bill collector, then my guess is they are selling something. Either way it really does not matter. Because either way they wont be getting blood out of this turnip!!

2016-06-20 14:55:18
Looks like a typically scammy website - poor grammar, etc.

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