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Latest Comments for 904-436

December 4 6:19 pm
My number is on there and I am getting about 8 spam calls a day still.

December 4 5:36 pm
Me to every time i answer it it says goodbye.

December 4 3:58 am
text message spam about IRS and taxes

December 4 5:52 am
So Dan Benson, sinc you work for them and they are a scam, can they really bring you to jail? I had a old Check and Go account that I could not pay due to a job loss from open heart surgery. Check and go sold it to accurate and I have received many rude calls to my cell phone and my old job in which I am trying to get rehired with stating that they called HR and was rude and told that they would keep calling until I pay them. But, if they actually prevent me from getting rehired due to the harrassing calls to my old job, I will sue them. Is there anymore information that you can give me. Also, anyone who is going to get served papers for fraud, never gets a call first letting them know someone is coming

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