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Latest Comments for 906-288

2016-03-17 03:40:17
thanx 4 the info, but u do not have to be such an *hole. try some tact, again thanx!:D

2016-03-17 20:33:13
some sort online schooling that keeps calling even after being told you want to be removed from their call list.

2016-03-17 15:09:17
Random call spanish recording stating I was selected to win and I hung up.

2016-03-17 08:50:15
U scammer Luke mike Karaguizuan scammer u all a bunch of scammers ripoff merchants like CPS ripped my business offand bankrupted my company aka Card Processing Services

2016-03-17 04:21:27
Surveys are not covered under the Do Not Call list. Anyone conducting a survey can call you regardless of your registry. However, if they call you under the guise of a survey and then try to sell you something (not something the true Nielsen rating would do and not something I am saying this call does) then they need to be reported.

2016-03-17 09:23:40
the best way I found out how to handle calls like these was to buy a landline phone blocker. ( check on line or ebay) best investment I made. around 50 t0 60 bucks, and can hold up to 1500 numbers. now I only get one call like this a week or two weeks. once you put the number in it will only ring once and the call blocker takes over and disconnects the call. never have to get out of your chair.

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