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Latest Comments for 908-234

July 19 10:03 pm
have gotten several calls from this number, sometimes two or three times every other day but didnt answer and no message was left.

July 19 11:57 pm
I received a call from a Texas number on January 7, 2015, informing me that I have a complaint and supporting documents. I was requested to call 888-958-5763. The next morning I received another call from Tennessee from the same company. I pressed 9 the find out the nature of the complaint. I was connected to someone. Once I asked what it was about, they hung up on me...

July 19 7:07 pm
This is not the person they are looking for

July 19 7:38 am
Some company called for some random name- obviously a wrong number

July 19 4:05 am
I received a call from this number, and a man started yelling "I'm Osama bin Laden" then explained he's trapped under a mollusk in the ocean, but he's rolled up his turbin into a tube and using it as a breathing apparatus. Of course, to my immediate dismay, I asked how he can talk under water, and he said "Waterboarding Lessons of Course!". I said "Look, this is a very sensitive issue with the U.S., and I don't think you poking jokes at it is healthy!" He then went on about the terrain in Idaho, and said he enjoys a nice latte' under a moon lit night there. I told him all of this on this site are fed up with his shennanigans, and we're going to let people know he's still in the ocean doing just fine. He then explained he was going to swim off with Jimmy Hoffa and a blow fish he's befriended.

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