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Latest Comments for 908-364

January 4 12:55 am
They are not just calling cells..they call here all the time on my home phone and have service for phone only with Aliant. Have not used those thieves from Rogers for almost 10 years, not since I had to go file a complaint with the BBB against them.

January 20 4:25 pm
When I was younger,I wanted my phone number to be this number (Stupid right? I was like 6) and I called and a woman answered and said Hello?? I have no idea who this may be...

January 7 9:28 pm
I just got the same call and this jerk told me its an online loan from which Ive never applied for at all, dont trust them then he stated my wages will be garnished and my license suspended then he said hes adding another 1000 because I told him to go f off

January 26 2:34 am
One today ... and hopefully that's the first and last. This is a business cell phone and I do not answer calls from numbers other than co-workers, reps, places of business and my boss.

January 3 4:37 pm
This person just does not under what NO meabs

January 19 10:23 am
Left no message.  I immediately returned the call and time after time got busy signal.  I smell telemarketer.

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