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July 2 10:24 pm
I could not agree more. It is totally annoying to receive what so many calls a week and almost always no one on the call - just some robo dialer to see if you are home perhaps. I have asked them a zillion times to stop calling.

July 2 2:53 am
yes, they called me 5 times so far.. i am trying to see who called me from that number... can u help me

July 2 4:33 pm
This is misinformed.GoDaddy is a marketing steamroller.GoDaddy will call you any time you purchase something, anytime you change something, any time you do something they have some potential upsell for. They will call you if you walk too close to the call center. They will call you on a train, they will call you in the rain, they will call you on a boat, they will call you with a Goat(addy).Ive had GoDaddy for a decade, they ALWAYS call. My wife used to WORK there, several of my friends used to work there.Seriously... if they havent called you, its because they have the wrong number, or because youve never altered your purchase with them in any way.

July 2 11:11 am
for some reason gets off on insinuating that hes a snitch w/ the cops. real weirdo. plays games and tries to scare ppl

July 2 12:59 pm
Calls every day ten times or more

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