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February 16 2:18 am
They call everyone! but really people do you not watch TV about scams... Why in the world would you do something over the phone checking your personal files!! FOOLS

February 16 12:12 pm
A LESSON TO THE WISE:If you are out of work due to an on the job injury or if you are sick or were injured at home and have been collecting either workers compensation checks, disability benfits, short or long term disability coverage and/or social security disability, then it is likely these phone calls from Marist College are really from a private investigator or insurance company, seeking to determine if you are at home or are out somewhere. They may be conducting a surveillance of your residence and if they do not see you come & go, they will want to determine if you are at home because if not, then they wont waste their time by doing the stakeout. But of you answer the phone, they will know right away you are at home and will continue to conduct a surveillance of your home to try and catch you later on if you leave your house.They will note the time you leave the home while videotaping you to see if you are walking with no difficulty. They may follow you in a car to see what youre up, where you go, what kind of activity you engage in. The lesson is simple: do not answer your phone if you cannot read the caller ID and if you do not recgonize the phone number. Just because the caller ID may look like the call is coming from a college, it can really be originating from a private investigator who has set up a bogus phone line that will disguise his type of business from being readily detected by caller ID. They are watching you if you are out of work and collecting disability benefits. Beware. If you dont know for sure whos calling you, do not answer the phone, let it ring, changes are they will not leave a message on your voicemail because they will want to use the same ruse again and again on you if they are not sure whether youre home or not. Just because your car may be parked in front of your home is not evidence enough for them to know for sure you are at home. They will phone you and if you answer, they may hang up or give an excuse as to why they called but they will never tell you the truth.

February 16 4:03 pm
this number call me many time as private. never say anything

February 16 6:40 am
Please stop calling.  Nobody talks when I answer and they leave a message with nothing said, just silence! This is really annoying.  I would appreciate the calls stop.

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