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January 16 12:13 pm
I got a call from an India [***] saying I had a computer problem! Name on it was Marsh Mclennon and it was at 10:25 pm PST! Ive tried calling back to chew a new [***] but the [***] box was full! Wonder why? Fake

January 4 2:14 am
They want you to call that number back and then that way they have access to your info and charge up your bill. I saw a news report on this, where you will get calls from a strange number and then when you call it back they charge your account hundreds even thousands. Do no talk to them, do not answer them, I keep declining the call everytime. Eventually they stop and then yes a few weeks later start again. But I dont care, anytime I get a call from a strange number it is ignored. At night I put my phone on silent because this way if they decided to wake me up in the middle of the night in hopes I will be more compliant in my sleep they will still get a voicemail.

January 7 7:20 pm
called me in VA today no voice mail, Im from WA and am in the Army currently...the weirdest part is I swear its the old number of my friend who passed away three years ago...

January 17 3:54 pm
Thoroughbred Research....(used to be called Wilkersons and Associates) its just a research firm..they do surveys

January 2 8:33 pm
say they r calling on medical compensation for diabetic

January 9 11:00 am
SCUMBAG REPUBLICAN POLLERS. CALLED TWICE ON SUNDAY, once while I was MAKING SUNDAY DINNER and then while we were EATING SUNDAY DINNER.SO MUCH for their "CHRISTIAN" agenda: Evidently, the SABBATH is only sacred if you are a REGISTERED REPUBLICAN. ALSO, if you are a SCUMBAG REPUBLICAN, then you care if you've 'got yours' but will do everything you can to block OTHER PEOPLE from making a DECENT LIVING and getting benefits and these UNION BUSTING CALLERS are attempting to SWAY PEOPLE TO THINK.ALSO, these COWARDS are using a SPOOFED NUMBER so that people cannot TRACK their EVIL BUTTS.Hope they all get Eastern Equine Encephalitis and DIE (without the Health Care they are trying to deny the rest of us.)

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