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Latest Comments for 915-800

2016-10-15 01:41:15
this number keep calling and curse at me don\'t know them

2016-10-15 18:41:56
Mail order prescription drugs.

2016-10-15 13:52:43
I just ordered some window clings from the same company! They call about six times a day. I actually answered yesterday and they hung up as soon before I could even get the phone to my ear.

2016-10-15 09:07:49
The no-call list deters phone-spammers and scammers about as much as having a local police dept. deters would-be burglars and home invaders. Quite possibly less.Took me years of registering my # and still receiving these calls to arrive at this conclusion...I was pretty slow on the uptake to figure this one out.;)

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