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January 26 11:22 am
As a security expert, whenever I receive mail like this yellow card that asks me to call a number, I ALWAYS GOOGLE to see who owns the number FIRST. Once I see it is a marketing company, I destroy the card. I never got a phone call as my number is not listed.NEVER EVER give out information whether you Own a credit card or not. Also, remember if you call, they will more than likely have your phone number now. If I get your phone number, I have ways I can track down who Owns the number and go from there. So, a word to the wise... If you get unsolicited marketing material like this, it is usually a scam.. Dont Call.. Destroy the material. My security is worth much more than a $100.00, plus this amount of money is good for approximately 1 tank of gas. IMHO.

January 17 5:43 am
caller id shows NOVOTEL. they say they are with Microsoft and need to access my computer.

January 6 5:49 pm
Yup, credit card rate reduction scam.

January 23 5:02 pm
So how goes things in the boiler room ?

January 15 11:25 pm
Bus can qualify for grant $

January 27 8:29 pm
lol.. its actually Modis IT, and they are legit.. check out

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