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Latest Comments for 918-279

January 11 10:34 am
Yeah, if you see this # on your caller ID. Dont answer.

January 11 6:56 am
Does anyone getting these calls have Verizon Wireless? I started getting these calls shortly after I got my phone from Verizon Wireless (I ported my old cell number over) prior to being with Verizon Wireless I wasnt receiving these kinds of calls... coinencidence?

January 11 4:14 pm
very emoional disturbed a compulsive liar and very very violent

January 11 6:02 am
I too have received several calls.... I have not answered thank heavens from the sounds of these messages.  I think I will block them.

January 11 4:41 am
Got a similar call from Steve Wilson- Warrants division. Had the last 4 of my social. Told me I had to post bond at my county court,(Knew the name) or take care of it now. Stupidly gave him my bank card info, to pay half now, the other half in 30 days.Told  if info came back not valid, I would be charged with credit card fraud, would not let me tell my wife first. I called my wife immediately and she cancelled my card immediately.

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