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Latest Comments for 918-438

2016-06-20 19:04:09
no audible message, hang-up after 40 seconds

2016-06-20 10:28:02
I\'m curious where they are to have an area code beginning with a 1. I did an area code search and \"124\" was not found. Usually you have to dial a 1 to dial out of the country or to set up a long distance call. The number was on my caller ID but they left no message. They are probably a collection company because I built up a mountain of debt and I have no intention to pay.

2016-06-20 20:15:10
Called a local Southern CA Wells Fargo and they said it is not them calling from this Stockton,CA area code number that makes several daily hang up-non answer cold call\'s. They said if you talk to someone from this unidentified number not to give any information over the phone to them, I also don\'t have a Wells Fargo account or do any business with them.

2016-06-20 15:05:55
didnt recognize the # and missed the call`

2016-06-20 18:57:35
Blocking their call wont help. They are changing numbers every so often.Received 8 calls from this L7 SCVC Call. Several have just hung up on me when I answer. One told me that I was approved by the government for a free cash gift of $9,000 because as a Social Security / Medicare recipient with no criminal history, I qualify for some new grant/stimulus package. I replied with, well, since SS & Medicare send everything else in writing, they can send this information and my check, too. They have my information. I then, hung up. Another call was a guy posing as a microsoft tech wanting to fix my computer to make it run faster. I replied to that call with, well, since I am a Microsoft Certified programmer and technician, I think I can handle it on my own, thanks! Again, I hung up. Another call was to sell me home security and I never said a word to that one. Now I see how many others are being phone bombed by these people. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY INFORMATION NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY!!!

2016-06-20 21:29:38
Dont answer any number from 310 if possible and dont call back, there is malicious software attached to scam numbers that infect your device

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