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July 19 9:13 pm
this doesnt work, my phone is registered. these calls still come through.

July 19 5:27 am
We just got the call. Same stuff as above.I played along for a while and told them I needed to get our lawyers and accountants involved. Asked if we could set up a conference call. He said that, basically, if we did not take care of this now then we would be arrested.I asked where they were located. They said California. I said, Oh in San Francisco? (the location of the federal reserve on the west coast). He said yes. I said I thought it was funny because the area code they called from was in Chico. He said it had to do with how calls were routed. He suggested that this was a serious matter and I should stop playing games or he would tell the local police to arrest me. I hung up. Waited a few and called the number from a different phone. The guy who answered fumbled a bit and then said, US Treasury. There is no government office you can call and not get a phone tree before you get a live person. I asked what their address was. He said, what?. I asked again. He asked what I meant. I said, I need the address of the building you are sitting in. His reply: [***] you, shut up and hung up.Im pretty sure that is not how those guys are trained to speak on the phone.

July 19 6:41 am
Offered to reduced credit card interest

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