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June 20 1:45 pm
Brian 69 Did you go crying since you just found out the truth --- Cause if i did your job you will be lein starting Monday at noon - that is my dead line for kitch carolina - i am sick of there winey little hiding A** Rob. His day is coming. He dont wanna pay --- How about selling that new house or those cars -- your wife ---i dont care -- you can not screw someone over in the construction business and expect to just keep giving excuses--- i guess when the home owners that receiving lein notices they will stop paying you and paying them off --- cause they will not have an option -- work was done at there house and i got all the emails and scheduling proving that we were sent out there -- that is all we need to file a lein -SORRY HOME OWNERS --STOP PAYING KITCHEN CAROLINA

June 20 2:21 am
arent political surveys exempt from the do not call list?

June 20 6:11 pm
Not to mention messing up your hearing as well. Hope you are wearing ear plugs before you blow the whistle.

June 20 1:31 pm
they have called several times, got smart, got an air horn. Played along long enough to determine scam, then BLASTED! Calls stopped for about 2 weeks. Just got one. Lets see how long this one lasts. Yes, very heavy foreign accent!Claims of a windows problem with computer and am I in front of my computer. Jerks!Called this time from Viking, MN218-523-6541

June 20 8:16 am
My daughter answered the phone using a Russian accent and then put the phone by the toilet and flushed it. She had fun messing with him.ROFLMAO!

June 20 5:38 pm
I have been receiving calls from this number 000-000-0.not a valid number.

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