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August 15 9:14 am
I received a very nasty message which scared me. The weird thing is they are using my previous last name that I havent had any debt in for over 8 years since I am remarried. Thank goodness I searched the number. I called them back and left a message to call back Monday to discuss matter but after reading this I am blocking the number. I will take my chances in court should this be real.

August 15 1:36 pm
Received several calls finally answered one. I just spoken a bunch of foreign sounding words. He asked if I spoke english and said a few more and he hung up. :)

August 15 3:29 pm
I am on the do not call list and Im still getting stupid calls

August 15 1:47 pm
Selling health insurance...ugh!!!!!!!

August 15 11:01 pm
When I answered, no one replied back. Called the number back and it is supposedly some sort of debt collection service...IDK!

August 15 10:38 am
Decrease tax debt with IRS

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