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2016-03-17 07:57:04
Don\'t let this scare you. Just some clowns  that have somehow gotten hold of our phone number. The same # was calling me last year (2007)....then it stopped. Just today , it started again. They are in Canada....I was able to get that much. The only thing I have done lately is fill out job applications on line.....coincidence???????? Don\'t bother answering....but please don\'t be scared.

2016-03-17 02:51:46
I just got the same phone call.

2016-03-17 15:37:26
they are saying they are from Windows on my computer with very heavy accent.  I believe next would have been telling me there is a problem with my computer and they need remote access to fix it and a credit card.  I\'ve heard of this scam.

2016-03-17 01:37:44
I wish I could Like, Retweet and +1 this. :)

2016-03-17 08:31:13
yeah he wasted my too. He wants to ask a thousand questions while he is on the way.. He never plans to show up he just wants a free j-off session over the models. Models do not waste your precious time. He has no concept.

2016-03-17 17:42:21
I received a call from this number tonight saying they where Telstra & I havent paid my last phone bill, which I have they ask me for my credit card details, I said I don,t believe you are Telstra & they hung up. I have contacted Telstra they have told me they wouldnt, make calls like this. Watch out everyone this is a scam

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