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Latest Comments for 925-457

January 20 11:39 am
ECP. shut up and stop leaving posts on here. You sound like rob and all his excuses to me.I know great quailty cabinet installers who have gottin screwed by this moron. I also know that there are over 80 complaints to the attorney generals office. Dont sit here and defend a guy who was out to screw people from the get go. That line he got to busy is a load of crap.I had my own business and not once did i ever tell a customer i would be there next week when i knew i couldnt be.I would tell them it would be about 6 months before i could start it. Trust me if your good a customer will wait for you. I left behind 2 years of work in my home state that i had contracted. The only reason i left is my wife took a management position in BIG corparate america where she worked for 28 years. So dont come on here spewing your garbage about all the mess YOUVE cleaned up, cause you have no clue what your talking about. Its alot deeper then the MESS you think you cleaned up.

January 11 6:50 pm
we have been on that list for about 10 years now and still get calls on the home phone and now the cell it did work for awhile though

January 15 12:32 pm
asked for Bob , I guess wrong number...

January 15 9:57 pm
This caller named John is looking for business partners.

January 23 4:42 am
I get one or two calls from this number every day and cannot get it to stop.

January 6 7:43 am
I dont pick up the phone, but this number keeps calling even after I blocked it it still goes through.

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