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January 10 2:02 pm
Hi, I am a former DialAmerica Employee.This is a broad-spectrum message, aimed at all comments left on this site concerning DialAmerica.First and foremost, if you want telemarketers from any firm to STOP CALLING you have to answer the phone! Just POLITELY tell the person on the other end to take [me] off the list or to put you on the do not call list. You must say the word list or otherwise the company is not legally obligated to put you on the Internal Do Not Call list. Even when youre on the National Do Not Call list, it is still legal for telemarketing companies to contact you in regards to fund raising projects, such as magazine subscriptions and renewals to benefit Special Olympics. They may also call you because you have an EXISTING business relationship with the sponsor of the calling program. Thus, you must request to be put on their own Do Not Call list to stop all the calls. As far as calling you back goes, all telemarketers are on an automated dialing system that receives contact information from a master list. This information is generated randomly so that every representative is given a fair chance. What most likely happened was the agent put your number down for an evening call. This does not mean DialAmerica would call you later that day, just that they would try to reach you after 5pm, local standard time. There is a 48-hour repression standard on every calling, meaning if make a change such as that is made the computer will not pull your information for another 48 hours.What the representative did was against company policy. We are taught to tell the consumer why we are calling within the first five seconds. In fact, its part of the script. You may have caught him off guard, or he may have plain just messed up the script and wasnt following regulations. If a consumer asks why a telemarketer is calling, the caller is legally required to answer the question directly. As I said before, this is usually avoided as it takes away from the quality and flow of the script, and the call: typically a consumer is irritated when a question of that sort is asked.The reason behind calling you everyday is relatively simple: there are several hundred thousand numbers in the computer system, and about 100,000 employees nationwide, working simultaneously. They make the calls from different locations, just as the numbers are distributed among these places.I hope this has explained a few things about telemarketing companies and why things like this happen all the time. DialAmerica is the largest telemarketing company in the United States, with the highest rate of success for any calling program sponsored there. They are very strict about quality and actively listen to damn near every call made. Just because you got one call bad, incorrect, or even illegal call does not mean the company does that with every call. And lastly, please dont forget: TELEMARKETERS ARE PEOPLE TOO.

January 11 1:07 pm
does anyone know who this is? we are on a do not call list!

January 17 8:38 am
Someone messaged me from the number wanting to buy a android phone from me. Asked where they was from no reply. Its a scam.

January 9 11:59 pm
OMG, scamcatcherguy, these are great ideas. Im going to do this next time these [***] call me.

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