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June 20 3:55 pm
Got a call on my cell phone and I did not answer it.

June 20 6:46 pm
Yes, but what you idiots dont realize is that by calling 16 times per day you are in vioaltion of the FDCPA, and are being traced and fined 1000 USD per call.That being said, I wouldnt buy a stupid Honda ever again just because of AHFSA, the worst culprits in the business for annoying people.I find your ad ridiculous, cynical, and personally I picked up the phone once, they hung up, you moron. They simply want to annoy all these nice folks, and have a vendetta against their clinets. Hell my vehicle wasnt even past due, they still call every hour. I reported them to the FBI and told them they were a secret terrorist movement. Yes, it got a laugh from the FEDS, but they hooked me right up to the FCC, they didnt laugh, they are intending to stop this madness.Maybe you should try BMW, we have one of those, and if we are a couple of weeks late they call, concerned, and help good people out of the jam. They dont jam the bad credit down their throats like Honda, it safe to say Honda severely sucks?

June 20 2:47 am
yah i heard that on the 27 on november and i called that # and it just kept ringing and then it has a faxing number but we dont know who to fax and i REALLY want ot act im good at preforming but where was it when and whats the phone number? thanks

June 20 3:19 am
Rec'd a txt from this number tonight- same content as others here. I asked why my number- responded- IDKJerk

June 20 1:36 am
I have been getting calls from this number - caller not identified day and night for the past several days

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