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Latest Comments for 954-560

October 15 11:39 am
Very informative. Thank you for taking the time to put this here.

October 15 10:54 pm
I was astounded to find that the owner of this number is unimaginably attractive, .so much, .. so, ... that... (end transmission)

October 15 9:11 am
A man called, asked a question, and then hung up

October 15 3:37 pm
The person calling you from this number is trying to commit fraud against you. Chances are you applied for a loan online were denied and have that same bogus loan company trying to threaten you into giving them money by threatening legal action, which of course they won't.

October 15 10:42 am
i got a call from this 1409326216...i want to know who is this?

October 15 8:36 am
Definitely a bogus phone number.  No exchange in the US or Canada begins with "0".  Of course it could be a partial number for a phone in India where most of these computer support scams originate but more likely just a spoofed number from a VOIP service.

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