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Latest Comments for 954-560

2016-10-15 08:36:33
Definitely a bogus phone number.  No exchange in the US or Canada begins with \"0\".  Of course it could be a partial number for a phone in India where most of these computer support scams originate but more likely just a spoofed number from a VOIP service.

2016-10-15 10:42:12
i got a call from this 1409326216...i want to know who is this?

2016-10-15 15:37:25
The person calling you from this number is trying to commit fraud against you. Chances are you applied for a loan online were denied and have that same bogus loan company trying to threaten you into giving them money by threatening legal action, which of course they won\'t.

2016-10-15 09:11:27
A man called, asked a question, and then hung up

2016-10-15 22:54:02
I was astounded to find that the owner of this number is unimaginably attractive, .so much, .. so, ... that... (end transmission)

2016-10-15 11:39:10
Very informative. Thank you for taking the time to put this here.

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