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Latest Comments for 970-956

January 22 2:10 pm
I just got a call from this number and it was my dad calling my cell via Skype. He left a message as I also do not pick up numbers I dont know.

January 15 2:58 pm
Someone called to collect a 40 year old and very PAID off student debt. Liar said his name was Raphael Barnett. He called no less than 5 times in a row from 866-808-7284 and also from a number that doesnt exist--422-208-6960. When calling from the 866 number there is an automated message. His calls have tied up my answering machine big time and when my son finally answered this guy scared him into thinking that I was involved with the underworld. Nice, huh? I called him and MY CALLER NUMBER must have appeared because he called me by name. When I explained that the debt he seemed to calling about was paid--he became really rude and said if I didnt pay it again then Id better have my personal affairs in order!

January 27 2:12 am
They called and hung up w/o leaving message.

January 13 12:15 am
So the human race is the evolved species on this planet. Youre joking, right? See, this is why aliens dont visit this planet. They just point it out to their kids & everyone laughs as they fly by.

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